My name is Kevin Slattery and I am the founder of KevsForge.  I made my first knife in 2010 and have been actively practicing the art of bladesmithing since then.  In that time I have gained knowledge and skills with the assistance of some of Australia's most talented knife makers including my mentor Karim Haddad.  I complete all processes in my own workshop.  This includes forging, grinding, heat treatment - or hardening of the blades, assembling and leather work for the sheaths.

I pride myself on making knives of the highest quality so that you can buy with the confidence that my knife will become an item to be passed down through the generations.  Only the best quality materials are used in producing my knives and these are sourced both locally and from around the globe.

My knives have been field tested across the globe and to put it simply they work and they work well.

My focus is on creating handmade and custom knives that are fit for the function they are made for whether that is camping ,  hunting or use in the kitchen.

Available knives for sale can be viewed via the shop link. My Instagram feed below shows pictures taken throughout the process of making knives (as well as some of my recreational pursuits and cooking!).

I do take on custom orders but that is dependent on my workload at the time.  If you would like to discuss having that special knife made please use the contact me link and send me an email.  I'll respond as soon as I can following receipt of your request.

If you are in Australia (or willing to travel) and are interested in learning to make knives yourself I also teach knife making classes at Tharwa Valley Forge.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work.  As a maker of handmade items I really do appreciate your time in doing so.


  • Hunting and Fishing Knives

    Hand made, high carbon steel blades. Designed to last the rigors of the field and just keep working. Reliable and easy to maintain on the go.
  • Kitchen Knives

    Experience the joy of using a custom made kitchen knife, made just for you. Turn meal preparation from a chore to an experience.
  • Custom Jewellery

    Stand out from the crowd with a unique piece of handmade jewellery. Exotic materials such as antler, mammoth ivory and a selection of beautiful timbers sourced from around the globe are used. Each piece is unique, just like you.